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This is a collection of extra things, meta/images/whatever that I might link to from time to time, expanding on various things from my Bethyl fan fiction, Fall Right In.
Basically a triangular frame made of wood (trees), lashed together like this, useful for carrying heavy loads (such as a deer) over long distances.

I did not draw this.
The Cabin
The cabin sits above the creek, elevated over the water by about 10 feet with a drop-off ledge. Right below the cabin on both sides, the bank is kind of non-existent and the water is deep and fast. Elsewhere the bank is rocky, and there’s a path down to the creek from the back yard, where Beth goes to wash their clothes and where she and Daryl have been filling the water pail. The path between the cabin and the ledge is lined with river birch trees (pictured below) The map below IS NOT DRAWN TO ANY SORT OF SCALE. That's supposed to be a creek, not a ginormous river. But it gives you a general idea.
not to scale

River Birch Trees

River Birch Trees
Beth's Crossbow
I debated about what to do for Beth's crossbow. One with a lighter draw weight would make it easier, but I wanted it to be a decent crossbow, somewhat comparable to Daryl's, and the better quality "women's" models I researched mostly had at least 150lb draw weights. I’ve decided that, regardless of whether these existed at the time the apocalypse started Beth’s crossbow will be something like this one:
Shadow Ultra-Lite by TenPoint Crossbows

This is the Shadow Ultra-Lite by TenPoint. It’s lightweight (6.4lbs without the scope and quiver), compact for a smaller-framed user, and comes with a self-retracting, rope-cocking aid integrated right into the stock (which means Beth doesn’t have to bother with dangling ropes or untangling and storing it them and otherwise taking a lot of extra time to cock her crossbow).

This particular model has a draw weight of 180lbs (I'm thinking that Beth's will be more in the 150lb-160lb range), and can fire up to 350ft per second depending on the type of bolt used. The one pictured is not the women’s model but there is one, with exactly the same specifications, just different colouring (hot pink and cammo combo called ‘Muddy Girl’). I don’t personally think that Beth (or the woman who used to own this crossbow) needs her crossbow to be pink just because she’s female, so hers will be this brownish tree cammo since literally the only thing different between this model and the ladies' model is the colour.

A rope cocking device is traditionally a rope with hooks and handles. The rope wraps around the crossbow stock, hooks onto the strings, and the user pulls on the handles to cock the bow, getting leverage from the rope’s position to reduce the draw weight by 50%. The integrated rope-cocking aid in the crossbow example does the same thing, only the ropes retract back inside the device and the device is attached to the stock. So there’s no bothering with dangling ropes or where to store it or the delay in hooking it up and unhooking it—essential things to avoid in any zombie apocalypse. You can see the device here, with the handle and the hook for the string.

Accu-draw 50 integrated rope-cocking aid by TenPoint
Info & Photo source: TenPoint Crossbows


Don't Read This Part Until You've Read Chapter 16

Daryl Dixon & Sexuality in Fall Right In
As promised, here is a little bit of meta on Daryl and his sexuality as it relates to Fall Right In.

It's my headcanon that Daryl (and I'm talking TV canon here) could very well be demisexual. I am far from an expert on this topic but, as quoted from the website linked above,

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond. Most demisexuals feel sexual attraction rarely compared to the general population, and some have little to no interest in sexual activity.

Daryl in canon has never looked at anyone sexually, and yes I believe that applies to Beth (romantically is another story. He had total heart eyes during the porch scene in Still and for almost all of Alone). Believably he could be even asexual. I don't think that's a stretch given what we know of his character. But demisexual could easily fit, too, and that is what I'm basing his relationship with sex on in this fic. Because I enjoy writing stories with sex in them and yes, that M rating will eventually change to E.

The notion of Daryl as a virgin isn't far fetched with the above ideas in mind. Even if not, I don't believe he would be terribly experienced. The way he avoids touch, especially in the beginning, I just can't see him being some sort of sex God. I believe that intimacy would be something he would balk at. I have read stories with very experienced, very sexual Daryls in them and enjoyed them, but I personally just don't see him as being that way. I’m not saying anyone else is wrong for thinking otherwise—this is just how I see him.

So what does that mean for Daryl in FRI? First — note that not every demisexual person is the same or has the same exact experiences regarding sex. The following relates specifically to Daryl in this story only and is based on demisexuality but is by no means a standard by which all demisexuals should be defined. Indeed some of it was created before I even knew there was a term to describe what I had in mind, long before I ever researched any literature related to demisexuality.

I’ll start with some history, which may or may not find its way into FRI narrative.

Daryl is not a virgin in this story, and as alluded to, that's because of Merle. Daryl followed Merle around, did what Merle wanted. Merle throws a woman at Daryl (or more likely throws Daryl at a willing woman), plus or minus the influence of substances, and Daryl does what he's expected to do. That doesn't mean he wanted to, or even liked it (he didn't. But it got Merle off his back for a bit.)

Why? Because I believe this could have happened given the relationship he had with Merle, given Merle's very different relationship with sex and Merle's opinions about shit in general. Merle wouldn't have let Daryl hear the end of it if Daryl said he didn't want sex and didn't even really like it, because men want sex, men like sex, so that makes Daryl a fuckin' pussy, right? I want FRI Daryl to know how different sex can be when it's something he wants with someone he wants and for that to happen means he had to have had sex before. And honestly I just didn't want to write a fic about virgin Daryl.

(I've had this back story in mind for a long time, since I started writing this story, and it just so happens I share this demisexuality headcanon and similar back story with Dynamicsymmetry about Merle pressuring Daryl into having sex when he didn't want to. I love IBYFAS but I didn't steal this from Sunny and they didn't steal this from me, either.)

Obviously Daryl's parts worked before he started reacting to Beth. They didn't just come to life when he fell in love with her. He's probably had the occasional morning erection. However his prior experience in most circumstances required manual stimulation for him to get hard and that's why he's so overwhelmed by what's happening now.  It’s happening because he's fallen in love with Beth, and his emotional bond with her is intense, so the sexual attraction and excitement become possible. (Burningupasun has titled this phenomenon "the emotional boner" and she is not wrong!)

Is Daryl physically attracted to Beth? Yes he is, but it has developed out of his emotional attachment to her. For example, he loves how strong she is, and he likes watching the muscles in her arms when she's doing things like cocking her crossbow or hanging a deer. He knows how important being strong and capable is to Beth, so when he sees manifestations of that he feels both an emotional and physical attraction to it. He's proud of how strong she is. The deeper his feelings get for her, the more he reacts to her physically, too. In chapter 16 Daryl is having some very deep feelings for Beth, so it makes sense that rubbing her back and hearing her make those noises would have an effect on him.

Daryl hasn't enjoyed sex in the past (enough to get it done but it wasn't something he wanted to be doing) and sex wasn't something he wanted or sought out. He has little to no sex drive without the emotional attachment. The idea of wanting sex is foreign. He's still (as of chapter 16) not fully understanding of or comfortable with what his body is doing. The first time it happens, he just wants this erection to go away. Eventually, a couple erections later, he realizes it feels okay (feels kinda good really) when he's aroused, thinks about how it might feel to touch himself. That's new, too. For Daryl the lack of sex drive also meant little or no desire to masturbate. He's still not actively thinking about sex, though, and definitely not sex with Beth even though he understands that it's Beth who's making this happen. The pieces are still not quite connected in his head and he's still too overwhelmed by it happening at all to get there quite yet.

Daryl isn't unintelligent. He will figure it out. But this is all completely new to him. He's never been in love, never had feelings for anyone before and therefore never wanted anyone sexually before, either. And I'm basing that off a Norman Reedus quote where he implies that Daryl's only gonna fall in love once and then that's it. So FRI Daryl has never had romantic feelings for anyone in his life, so not only is he dealing with his body going crazy, his emotions are overwhelming, too.

As of chapter 16, Daryl has not quite figured out that those "things he feels about Beth" mean he has "feelings for Beth", let alone that he is completely in love with her. He understands that they're close and that his relationship with her is different from any he's known. Keeping in mind that really, Daryl’s only healthy relationships of any sort happened after the apocalypse. This is all very new but he will figure it out. Again, he’s not unintelligent, this is all just so very foreign to him.

There's lot of physical contact between Daryl and Beth, especially in the later chapters. He wants to touch her, she touches him, they have a fierce desire to keep each other close. For both of them this is highly emotionally based. Yes, there are sexual aspects creeping in, but his physical need to touch, to hold, even the sniffing her neck, is still right now completely saturated in emotions.

Beth, well, Beth is a different creature in some ways, but not all (and by that I mean different from Daryl, not like, weirdly different from other people in general). You'll see when we get to chapter 18 just what she's thinking and feeling about all of this.

For some more thinky thoughts on Daryl as demisexual, here are some links that Sunny (Dynamicsymmetry) gave me permission to share. Sunny loves discussing this topic so feel free to ask them questions about it if you like!
Daryl & Relationships
Daryl & Touching Beth
Daryl & Demisexuality

Also feel free to ask me any questions about the FRI stuff (I will answer what I can) and check out the demisexuality website link, too.

Expanded Trigger Warning Notes - Chapter 30
The discussion of Beth's suicide attempt as seen in Season 2

If you've followed the link from chapter 30, then you might be after more information about what's contained in the discussion before you read the chapter. If you aren't triggered by the topic of suicide, maybe read this after you've read the chapter. Otherwise, please procede with care. As someone who doesn't have any triggers (just squicks), I honestly don't know how careful to be sometimes, but I'd rather overdo it than accidentally harm somebody.

As noted, this is a discussion of Beth's suicide attempt from season 2. The chapter is from Daryl's POV, but Beth talks about what she felt in the moment when she cut her wrist, including some very visceral reactions. She also talks about the meaning she took from the entire event, including Andrea's involvement in it. All of this is, of course, my own invention, as we don't actually know much of what Beth felt then. More details in the next paragraph.

I have never had any sort of suicidal ideation, and therefore I absolutely cannot relate personally to Beth and what was going on in her head during that time, or as a survivor. Nor am I willing to say whether I feel Andrea’s actions were the right ones or not. What I can take from this early arc of Beth’s is that she did want to end her life, and then chose not to. Yes, she cut herself—and then called for help. Subsequently, we see a girl who blossoms into a strong woman who finds beauty in life and doesn’t back down from what she believes. From this, I’ve built what might have gone on in Beth’s head, around that moment. How she felt and how she believes she had to hit rock bottom in order to understand what she really wanted.

TL:DR - I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think this is the only way Beth might see these events/might draw meaning from them, but it’s how I have chosen to represent that for this story. If anyone has any concerns about that, feel free to send me an ask or a message on tumblr - abelinajt. Anon is enabled. If you want a private reply off anon, that’s cool, just say so.

This is Pete - as referenced in Chapter 43

Placeholder for next item.


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Jun. 29th, 2015 03:49 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you wrote this! It's been bugging me right along that they could be sharing the same bed, and have so much physical contact without him having a problem with an erection. Having not seen the show (and I may not have even read the beginning of this story - I'm going to have to go back and see. I know I've read a couple of short fics about them, but they are already in a relationship in those, so obviously not part of this one.) I didn't know that Daryl had a thing about touching, or that he wasn't interested in sex. I assumed he was experienced because of his age, and thought it odd that he could be around Beth so intimately (like when he has to hold her because she's having a nightmare) and not be struggling with a physical reaction to her.
Jun. 29th, 2015 03:54 am (UTC)
Yeah, of course the sexual backstory part is of my own making, but what we do know from the show is that he was beaten badly by his abusive father (he doesn't want Beth to see his back because of the brutal scars he bears) and he doesn't like touch. He gets better the longer he's with their "family", and in the episode leading up to where I start this story and divert from canon, there is a lot of non-sexual touching between these two, which isn't something we've seen much from Daryl until then.

The demisexual idea makes so much sense to me, given show canon and what they show us, if not explicitly tell us about Daryl.
Jun. 29th, 2015 03:56 am (UTC)
Also, he's never ever had a sexual/love interest in the show (no matter what Caryl (Carol/Daryl) shippers might say, there's no actual explicit love interest that he's had and he's never shown to be looking at anyone in a sexual way. Not even Beth, though I get hella romantic vibes before badness happened.
Jun. 29th, 2015 04:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, see I didn't know that, so I thought it was kinda weird male behavior. That tiny little bit I watched before running away so as not to have my little world destroyed certainly looked to me like there could be something. Maybe that's just how a saw that little whispered conversation because I already have Beth/Daryl in my brain, but I don't think so. I just saw a man who appreciated her and trusted her to do what he asked, and a girl who nodded and did it.
Jun. 29th, 2015 04:03 am (UTC)
I might have to give you an assignment of a couple of specific episodes to watch (they're all on Netflix if you've got it) with explicit instructions where to stop watching, just so you can see them. There is surprisingly little canon Bethyl, but what there is was so inspiring.
Jun. 29th, 2015 04:09 am (UTC)
I can't do Netflix. ComCast is being a butthead, so we're still dependent upon our satellite feed and streaming stuff is just not possible. But you can tell me what to watch and I can look for it. I may know someone who has dvds or something. The bit I caught was on some channel that was doing all day TWD (like they used to sometimes do Buffy episodes). Maybe I'll be able to catch them.
And OMG it's after midnight! I need to get to bed. This is what I get for sleeping in so late this morning!

PS "slipping past" not "passed" :)
Jun. 29th, 2015 04:31 am (UTC)
(I can't find where I wrote past instead of passed)

Okay, I'll discuss things with my fandom friend Amy and come up with a list of episodes. It won't be long, just a couple of good backstory ones plus the Bethyl ones. Hopefully you can find them.
Jun. 29th, 2015 02:17 pm (UTC)
I'll look for it. Don't remember if it was in part 1 or 2. Got distracted when I went to look for it by starting the story at the beginning. *g* Turns out I hadn't seen all of it. I probably (cause, as we know, I pay no attention to anything) started reading it thinking it was another one-shot and then got caught up in it. So now I'm catching up to wherever it was that I started reading. Think I'm almost there. Then I'll find the typo and let you know.
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