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Title: Fall Right In
Author: Abelina/Abby/Abelinajt
Fandom/Pairing: The Walking Dead - Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon (Bethyl)
Setting: Season 4, Alone-divergence.
Rating: E/NC17
Summary: If Beth hadn’t interrupted him when she did, calling him back with the melody of her voice, he might’ve done something dumb like opening the door for a doomed dog and maybe dooming them both while he was at it. Beth and Daryl escape the funeral home together. An Alone-divergence Bethyl story.
All Chapters Here

I don't know if anyone besides slaymesoftly was reading this fic, but just in case - I have been lax about posting the chapters here due to LJ's length restriction and my recent inability to write short chapters. So for now, just in case anyone else out there was reading it, I'm putting this post up to link to the chapters not yet posted here.  I do plan to post them all here eventually, in the interests of having it up to date everywhere, but for now, this'll do. Feel free to subscribe on AO3 or FFN - this fic is available at both.

Chapter 35 - Stop the Clocks and Turn the World Around (let your love lay me down)

Chapter 36 - Some Kind of Innocence is Measured out in Years (Part 1)

Chapter 37 - Some Kind of Innocence is Measured out in Years (Part 2)

Chapter 38 - If I Hadn't Assembled Myself I'd Have Fallen Apart by Now

Chapter 39 - Fire and the Embers Bright Will Guide You Through the Night

Chapter 40 - While She Flies Beside Me on Many Broken Wings

to be continued in Chapter 41 >>


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