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This is the full version of Part 24 of A Twist of Fate, found at the Jedi Council Forums. This is the entire uncensored chapter and may be read in place of that found at the JCF.

Part 24 – Full Version


The tickle of hair under his nose was the first thing Kyp became aware of as he started to awaken, several hours later. He then noticed the warmth of the body curled up with his, felt the movements of her chest as she breathed, sensed the contentment of her mind as she slept. He felt himself smiling as he opened his eyes and looked over the sleeping woman in his arms. He closed his eyes again, for the moment having no desire to do anything but lay there with her. His smile widened as he remembered the way she had snuggled against him and mumbled, ‘I love you too’ moments before falling asleep.

Across the room, the comm unit mounted on the wall beeped.

Kyp sighed. Naturally, whoever was calling would use the private comm instead of his comlink on the afternoon he chose to take a nap with Jaina. Scowling, he eased his arm out from under Jaina’s neck and sat. He pulled the covers up over her enough to conceal her identity, if not her presence, and then checked the panel on the side table to see who was comming him.

The name scrolling across the display was Han Solo.

“Perfect timing,” Kyp muttered, as he accepted the comm and sat back next to Jaina. “Hello Han.”

Han’s face appeared on the screen, looking infinitely more alive than he had during the Insiders’ meeting. “Kyp,” he greeted.

The former smuggler’s eyes narrowed, as his gaze shifted from Kyp’s face, settling somewhere down and to the left. He looked back up a split second later, the familiar Solo grin growing on his face. “Not interrupting anything, am I?”

Kyp glanced briefly at Jaina. “Just napping, Han.” he assured the older man, hoping he was not coming across as nervous as he felt. He wanted Han to know, eventually, about him and Jaina…but he didn’t want his friend to find out just now, like this.

Jaina stirred, and mumbled something unintelligible. She started to turn over, but Kyp stopped her, turning around and leaning over her to obscure her face from the screen.

“Hey,” she whispered, looking up at him.

“Shhh,” Kyp said, brushing his fingers over her forehead. Han’s on the comm.

Jaina grimaced. Does he know I’m here?

He knows somebody is here, Kyp explained. Just pretend to go back to sleep, and keep the covers pulled up.


Kyp leaned down for a quick kiss, before helping her turn over and drawing the covers up to hide her. When he looked back toward the screen, Han’s smile had grown into the familiar, lopsided grin.

“What?” he asked, with a shrug, attempting to smother his own grin.

Han nodded his head in the direction of the sleeping form on the bed. “Friend of yours?”

Kyp snorted. “Something like that.” he agreed. “So what’s going on, Han?”

Han shrugged and ran a hand through his hair. “Wanna meet me in the mess for a cup of caf?”

“Sure Han,” Kyp replied. “When?”

Suddenly Han was grinning again. “An hour or so? Give you some time to finish up your nap…”

With a smile wrought from amusement and a touch of embarrassment, Kyp turned away from Han to look at Jaina, who was doing her best to laugh without being heard.

“Sure thing, Han,” he remarked, attempting to produce a glare, though the silly grin prevailed.

Han shook his head, clearly amused. “See you then, kid.”

Han’s image disappeared and the screen went dark. Kyp uttered a relieved sigh, and looked back at Jaina. She pushed the covers down, kicking them to the end of the bed with her feet, and turned over, laughing.

Kyp planted a hand on either side of her shoulders, and a knee on either side of her hips. “What are you laughing about?” he asked, though he clearly saw the humour in the situation.

Jaina lay on her back, her head sunk into the space between the two pillows, arms above her head. “If he only knew he was suggesting that you…with me…” she began, looking up past him to the ceiling, shaking as she laughed. “Don’t think he’d be laughing then.”

“Probably not,” he agreed, and leaned down, his hair falling forward and framing her face.

Jaina blinked as his hair tickled her eyelids, then brought her hands forward to push it back. She tilted her head and brushed her lips across his, before kissing the end of his nose.

Kyp grinned and rubbed noses with her, then dipped his head. Her hands fell away and his hair trailed down her face as he brushed his lips over her chin, down her neck, to the area of skin at the neck of her tank top. There, he placed a feather-light kiss, and lifted his head to find her smiling. He settled atop her, bearing much of his weight on his elbows and knees, the fingers of one hand playing in the ends of her hair.

Jaina’s grin was a teasing one as she tucked her hands behind her head. “So, we have an hour before you leave me for my father?”

Chuckling, Kyp brushed her hair off of her forehead. “You make that sound so wrong.”

Jaina laughed, then pulled her hands out from behind her head to poke at his sides. “It should!”

Kyp twitched as she poked at him. “Believe me, I’d love spend the rest of the day here with you. But Han is my friend. My oldest friend, really.”

Jaina nodded, and brought her hands up to rest at his shoulders. “I know,” she whispered. “What do you want to do for the next-” She looked over at the chrono, “-fifty five minutes?”

A wide grin spread across Kyp’s face. “That really depends on you, Goddess,” he replied, kissing her lips lightly. “Feel like continuing with our nap, or shall we find something else suitable to occupy our time?”

Jaina’s face looked thoughtful, though a hint of a smile betrayed her answer. “I think another suitable activity would suffice.” she decided, after her brief moment of contemplation.

Kyp was smiling as he brushed his lips over hers invitingly. Jaina drew him into the kiss immediately, surprising him with her eagerness. The feeling of surprise soon faded, as her lips, warm and moist, moved with his, eliciting feelings of a different sort.

Fingers trailing through her hair, he sighed into her mouth. Yeah, this is what I had in mind…

You’re thinking too much, Jaina teased.

True, Kyp returned, his amusement clear, But only thoughts of you.

Rather than replying, Jaina drew her tongue across his bottom lip. Kyp quickly permitted it entrance. She licked his upper lip before continuing onward, her tongue greeting his with a gentle caress. Kyp sighed again, venturing his own tongue forth to begin its intimate dance with hers.

Jaina’s hands moved from his shoulders, travelling slowly down his back. They reached the hemline of his shirt and paused there a moment, fingertips laying over his skin. She felt him shiver as she tucked her hands beneath the white fabric, drawing her fingers up over his back as far as the garment would allow.

A moment of confusion passed over her as Kyp broke the kiss and sat up, removing the comfortable weight of his body from hers. Jaina opened her eyes and stared up at him, on his knees, beside her on the bed. He returned her gaze for a split second before he gripped the edge of his tank top and pulled it off, tossing it behind him.

He reached and took Jaina’s hands in his, pulling her toward him. He moved his legs from beneath him and settled Jaina into his lap, shifting her legs to either side of his body. She hooked an arm around his neck, and her eyes met the intense gaze of his. She let out a deep breath, then dipped her head to recapture his lips. She drew her hand, open-palmed, down his chest, taking in the light dusting of hair over firm muscles, the depth of his breathing, and the rapid beating of his heart as it threatened to burst through his ribcage.

Her own heart was pounding, too, thumping away noisily in her chest, throbbing loudly in her ears, pumping heated blood throughout her body. The places where their bodies touched, clothed or not, burned white-hot. His fingers, tucked beneath her shirt, sent searing tingles up her spine as they danced over the skin of her back.

Kyp groaned as her palm slid over his chest, her exploratory touches, though a little tentative, leaving a trail of fire over his already warmed flesh. He moved a hand further up her back, fingers coming to rest over the clasp of her brassiere. He eased out of the kiss, pulling back to look at her.

Jaina’s eyes, heavy, blinked open part way, and she looked at him with flushed cheeks, her kiss-swollen lips parted slightly. Her breathing was ragged as she nodded rapidly at him, quickly reclaiming his mouth.

A quick movement of thumb and forefinger, and the garment fell open. He pulled it through the openings of her tank top, his lips never parting from hers, and tossed it to the side. Then the hand that wasn’t holding her in his lap travelled up under the front of her shirt.

Her lips stilled on his as his hand cupped her breast, his calloused fingers gently caressing the soft flesh. A shiver ran up her spine and her skin tingled beneath his touch. A soft moan escaped her lips, as Kyp moved from her mouth to her neck, trailing kisses from beneath her jaw to the notch between her collarbones. Jaina’s head fell back, giving him better access, and she tangled her fingers in his hair. The feel of his lips on her neck and his hand on her breast was exquisite.

The hand at her back drifted upward, the hem of her tank top clutched within it. Jaina lifted her arms over her head, all the encouragement he needed to continue. The top came to rest somewhere behind him.

Kyp took a moment to simply look at her, studying with his eyes the round, perfect breasts his hands had come to know quite well. Jaina’s flush darkened under his gaze, but any sense of self-consciousness vanished as he dipped his head and took one nipple in his mouth. She gasped, arching her back, as he alternated between sucking and rolling her nipple with his tongue. His other hand mimicked the actions of his mouth on her other breast. He switched, the saliva-wetted skin startlingly cool in the warm air.

Jaina’s fingers played over the back of his neck, her other hand still at his shoulder, while Kyp indulged himself. The feeling low down in her stomach, that had been steadily growing since he pulled her into his lap, flared with every flick of his tongue, spreading a warmth through her like nothing else she had ever experienced.

After some time, Kyp released her breast, bringing his head up to reclaim her mouth. Though she hadn’t wanted him to stop what he was doing, it seemed as though far too much time had passed since she had been kissing him last. Jaina returned the kiss with flourish, her tongue immediately slipping past his lips as her hands explored his chest, arms, and back.

She felt a tugging at her waist and briefly registered the fact that Kyp’s fingers were untying the knot of her shorts. Kyp shifted, moving forward, and suddenly she was on her back, head between the pillows, Kyp hovering over her, still kissing her. His hands gripped the waistband of her shorts, and she lifted her hips while he slid them down, pushing them off all the way using his foot.

The weight of his body settled on hers like a thermal blanket, enveloping her in his warmth and heating her to the core. She wrapped her legs around him, wanting to keep him there, and he pressed closer. Her body tingled.

She would be lying if she said that she hadn’t thought about being intimate with Kyp. She thought about it often, especially this last week, whenever she was in his arms, kissing him, whenever he looked at her with longing in his eyes, whenever he sent her one of those teasing Force-tickles. She couldn’t help but think about it now, lying together on his bed, half-naked, him nestled between her legs. Part of her, a substantial part, wanted to. She knew Kyp wanted that, had known for some time, though he never pressed, never pressured, always leaving her to decide how far to take things.

They had not gone quite this far before, although she had become accustomed to the caress of his hands on her breasts. His desire for her now was blazingly obvious, ringing clearly through their Force-bond, and through his physical reaction. The hardness of him pressed into her, sending spikes of pleasure through her each time he pressed his hips closer. She had wondered, earlier, if he was wearing anything beneath the shorts. She knew now that he wasn’t.

His movements, though slight, were purposeful, a rubbing pressure over her most sensitive place. She found herself anticipating a rhythm, lifting her hips toward him as he pressed forward.

Kyp’s lips slipped away from hers, and as he had done earlier, he laid a path of kisses from her chin downward, this time not stopping where the neck of her shirt would have been. He paused as he reached the valley between her breasts, flicked his tongue lightly over the skin there, and then took one breast in his mouth. He teased her nipple, circled around it with his tongue, licked it, pulled with his lips, and sucked. One hand roamed freely over her body, his fingers a feather-light touch on her skin, standing each tiny hair at attention as they passed. He looked up at Jaina as she shivered and arched her back, saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth had fallen open.

He moved up, brushing his lips over her neck, placing a kiss at the corner of her jaw, sucking gently at her earlobe. Jaina moaned, wiggling beneath him as she whispered his name, while he blew lightly in her ear, feeling the tingle pass through her as though the sensation were his own.

“I love you,” he whispered, and as well as the full-body shiver, he felt an sense of complete elation soar through her.

Jaina sucked in a breath. “Love…you…” she replied, exhaling raggedly. Her fingers clutched at his shoulders and she pressed up against him. “Oh, Force…”

Kyp smiled and kissed her cheek. “You okay?” he asked, levering himself up on his elbows, looking her in the face and willing her eyes to open and meet his gaze. His fingers combed through her hair, which was already sweat-dampened.

Jaina’s smile was amused as she nodded emphatically. If you even think about stopping now, I may just have to hurt you.

Kyp chuckled, pressing his forehead to hers. No worries there, Goddess…none at all.

He again brought his lips close to her ear, one hand travelling slowly down her side. “Keep your shields up.”

Kyp shifted, moving half of his body off of her, his hand now at her hip and still moving. His fingers ran down her leg until he could reach no further, and slowly slid up her inner thigh. He passed them lightly over the thin, white material at the apex, noting how wet she was; she had already soaked through them.

Jaina inhaled deeply with the passage of Kyp’s fingers, and her body shuddered as, in their wake, Kyp provided a different sort of caress. A Force-tickle, concentrated solely at the area between her legs, washed a wave of intense pleasure over her, leaving her entire body tingling.

Kyp drew her into a kiss then, slow and tender at first, but soon gaining heat. He traced his finger along the waistband of her panties, and then slipped his fingers beneath them. They brushed over coarse, neatly trimmed hair before reaching smooth, slick flesh.

Jaina inhaled sharply at this initial contact, breaking the kiss, and held her breath as he extended one finger, parting her, and gently stroked her. Her captive breath escaped on a stalled moan as his finger, coated with her own wetness, circled over her clitoris. He continued, making slow, steady spirals with just the right amount of pressure. Jaina’s body twitched and jumped of its own volition as each movement of his finger sent an intense, pleasured shock through her.

With each twitch her body made she uttered a breathy moan and clutched at the sheets. The sensations were almost too intense, nearly painful, and Jaina hadn’t known her body was capable of such powerful feelings. Touching herself had never felt like this.

Kyp withdrew his hand suddenly, and Jaina whimpered in protest, lifting her shoulders from the mattress. Kyp pressed her back down, bringing his finger to her lips to silence her complaints. The scent of herself on him was intoxicating.

Kyp moved to hover over her and gripped the waistband of her one remaining garment, looking to her for permission. She nodded, and held her breath as he slid her panties down past her hips, meeting his passion-filled gaze the whole time. After dropping them to the floor, he spared a brief glance at the newly exposed portion of her body before depositing his own shorts over the side of the bed.

Kyp lay down again next to her before she had the chance to get more than a fleeting view of the straight, hard shaft jutting out from a patch of black curls, now poking conspicuously into her leg. She turned her head toward him, and he kissed her softly while his fingers travelled downward from her neck in a feather-light caress. When they again slipped between her moist labia, Jaina sighed contentedly against his mouth and opened her legs wider for him.

His thumb, this time, began the slow, torturous circling of her clitoris, while his fingers continued to stroke her soft folds. Jaina’s lips stilled on his quickly, and she gave in and let her head fall to the space between the pillows, moaning softly and twitching with each stroke. Following a particularly forceful moan and jerk, Kyp slid his index finger inside her.

She gasped and arched against his hand as he withdrew the finger slowly and pushed back into her. Jaina clutched at the sheets, as the continued movements of his thumb and finger threatened her sanity in the most painfully exquisite way.

Kyp sucked in a breath as Jaina, dripping wet, moaned and arched against his hand. He inserted a second finger, this time pushing into her with a little more force, the additional finger stretching her further. Jaina’s sharp cry faded to a drawn-out moan she pushed the pillows away, her head falling back. Kyp sensed Jaina’s shields starting to waver, and so bolstered them with his own.

She lay on the bed beside him, moving against his hand, alternating between moaning loudly and making breathless, squeaking sounds. Kyp watched her face as she writhed beside him, saw the rapture written there in the way her eyelids fluttered, never fully opening or closing; in the way her lips parted as her sounds of pleasure rolled out, unbridled; in the way the dark-red flush of her cheeks had spread down her neck and beyond.

Her moans grew louder, the movement of her hips against his fingers more eager. Kyp sensed the building pressure within her, and stoke by stroke thrust his fingers firmly and deeply into her, his thumb still worrying her swollen clitoris. Jaina’s hips lifted from the mattress and her whole body began to shudder. She made no sound save for a minute squeak, holding in her breath as her climax crashed over her.

When the last wave subsided, Jaina sank back to the bed, gasping for breath. She opened her eyes to see Kyp leaning over her, watching her, and she smiled lazily at him. “Mmmm,” she muttered, her hand reaching up to caress his chest.

As Kyp leaned down to kiss her, the chrono chimed, and he looked up at it and groaned. “Stang,” he cursed, placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’m already fifteen minutes late for meeting Han.”

Jaina’s eyes travelled from his face, down his chest and abdomen to the still rock-hard erection bumping against her stomach. “But you…”

He sighed, then sat down next to her. “Another time,” he whispered, caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers. “When we have the time to do it properly.”

Understanding, she nodded, as he drew the blanket up over her. “Stay. Sleep for a while. I’ll be back later.”

“Alright,” she said, on a yawn, and pulled the blanket snugly around her. He placed another kiss on her forehead and then stood, heading for the refresher.

I love you, Kyp, she sent to him.

As he stepped into the shower, Kyp smiled. I love you, too, Jaina.


Han couldn’t say that he was truly surprised when Kyp sauntered into the mess hall nearly half an hour later than he should have. As it were, the younger man had done a decent job of attempting to look casual, but the flush of his skin and the hurried way in which he had dressed – un-tucked shirt, one pant leg tucked inside his boot – clearly gave him away. He raised his eyebrow as Kyp, cup of caf in hand, saw him and approached the table, sitting down heavily in the seat across from him.

“Nice of you to join me,” Han remarked, levelling a knowing smirk at his younger friend as he gestured with a nod of his head to the chrono on the wall.

Kyp’s cheeks coloured lightly and he couldn’t quite meet Han’s eyes. “I figured better late than never,” he remarked, wincing at how it sounded.

Han was grinning. “That must have been some nap.” he teased.

At this, Kyp groaned. “Han,” he warned.

But Han ignored him. “Ah, c’mon kid,” he prodded, leaning over the table to clap him on the back. “I ain’t asking for details…but there was a woman in your bed and you are half an hour late.” He paused, and pointed a finger at him. “And I been around long enough to know that you haven’t been sleeping.”

Kyp sighed, lifting his eyes up to look at Han. “Trust me when I say this, Han,” he said, a wry smile on his face, “You really don’t want to know.”

Han regarded him sceptically for a moment, but then waved it off. “Alright, alright. Have your secrets.”

Kyp chuckled, reaching down to pull his pant leg out of his boot. “You’ll thank me for that, one day.”

“Oh I will, hmm,” Han remarked, setting the thought aside for the moment. “So I was gonna ask you ‘bout something I noticed yesterday.”

Kyp’s eyebrow quirked at the mention of this, and he recalled Jaina’s mentioning a discussion surrounding a perceived sense of serenity. “Ask away.”

Han laughed. “Well I think I figured out a big chunk of it from that comm call and your being late.” he replied, grinning. “I knew somethin’ was different with you since I got back. Never thought about it being a woman, though.”

Kyp’s smile was broad, even as he felt his cheeks colouring. “Jaina mentioned you’d been discussing that.”

Han nodded, sipping from his mug. “Asked her about it,” Han admitted. “She didn’t seem to know anything.”

Kyp held back the explosive snort that threatened to assert itself, settling instead for a snicker and grin. “Oh, she knows.” he said. “She’s just not supposed to say anything.”

“Fair enough,” Han agreed, accepting the explanation. “It’s good to see Jaina watching out for you as much as you been watching out for her. After Hapes, well, she got me pretty worried.”

Kyp nodded his agreement, but otherwise kept quiet. Discussing the origins of his new-found tranquillity was dicey enough – adding the reasons behind Jaina’s recent growth in that area were sure to lead Han to start drawing conclusions. Han was intelligent, and to a higher degree than he usually let on; it wouldn’t take him long to figure it out. Kyp knew Jaina wanted to tell him, not have him find out on his own, and Kyp wanted that, too.

“Aren’t we pensive,” Han commented.

Kyp looked up from the mug of caf he had been staring into, offering the older man a smile. “Got a lot to think about.”

Han snorted. “I’ll bet,” he agreed. “So. You in love or what?”

Typical Han; about as tactful as the blunt end of a lightsaber.

“I believe I am,” Kyp admitted, leading the conversation on a more serious note. He paused, a private smile sliding onto his face, as he thought back through the years. “I’ve known her for a long time. And I’ve known I’ve had feelings for her for a while…but I didn’t realize that I love her until today, when I said it.”

Han flashed him a genuinely joyful smile, but then aimed a finger at him. “You’re one of those few privileged enough to witness my sappy moments.”

Kyp raised his hands. “I won’t tell soul.” he assured Han, grinning broadly. “So long as you don’t say anything about my napping companion.”

“Consider it unspoken.” Han replied, then chuckled. “Napping companion. Surely she has a name?”

“And a lovely name, too, I’m sure you’d agree.” Kyp added, grinning. “But we’ll save that for the introductions.”


Jaina had slept for about an hour before waking again, warm and comfortable in Kyp’s bed, the blankets pulled snugly around her. She had no burning desire to get up either; off-duty days were few and far between, and she couldn’t say when she’d next have the chance to simply lie in bed without having to worry about doing anything. She could smell Kyp all around her, his bedding permeated with his unique and comforting scent, and about the only thing that would make this lie-in better would be if Kyp were there with her.

She turned onto her back, holding the blankets up to her neck, her eyes looking through the ceiling, not truly focused on anything in particular. She had turned her gaze inward, remembering the events of the afternoon with a blissful smile, at the same time regretful that Kyp had had to leave to meet with her father. They had not made love that afternoon, but had Kyp stayed, things may have gone differently.

Though she understood his desire to want to take the time to make it special for them, she couldn’t help feeling disappointed that they hadn’t had that time today.

The beeping of her comlink, which Kyp had placed on the table beside her, interrupted her thoughts. Sighing, she sat up and reached for it, feeling suddenly cool from the loss of the blanket.

“Solo,” she said.

“Jaina, it’s Iella.” came the voice of the Intelligence director.

Jaina grumbled under her breath about not wanting to deal with anything on her day off, but then sighed again and asked, “What’s up, Iella?”

“Remember how I said my staff would be keeping an eye out for any unusual activity?”

This peaked Jaina’s interest. “What did you find?”

Iella hesitated a moment before replying. “I think you’d better come and see. My office in ten minutes?”

Jaina chuckled, her eyes flicking toward the refresher. “I may be a little late.” she said. “But I’m the Goddess, so I’m entitled.”

Iella’s answering laugh was more knowing than it probably should have been. “We’ll wait for you,” she said. “See you then.”




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