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I only just heard about this today and I am absolutely appalled!  Maybe this stuff goes on in other parts of the world (and it's just as much of a hateful, immature, tragic thing in those places, too), but this sort of thing just doesn't happen here.  Like, ever.

Racism happens everywhere, I know this.  My area has a large native or "aboriginal" population, and these communities definitely suffer discrimination, I can't lie about that.  It exists, but I don't have to like it.  The event that occurred on July 3rd represents an entirely different level of racism that just isn't seen . . . or at least, isn't captured quite as much in the public eye as this incident.

On July 3rd in my town, a man who I'll refer to as J.P (those are his initials), who just happens to be black, had just picked up something to eat at McDonald's and was walking out of the lot with his food.  A group of young white men in a pickup were driving by and started yelling racial slurs at him, including the "n" word as well as "we're gonna lynch you!".  J.P.  threw a hamburger at the truck.

I say, that was one well deserved burger.

So what do the men in the truck do?  Keep in mind there are like five of them in a truck-for-three and just the one man on the street.  They stop, and three of the men, ages 19, 24, and 25, get out and approach J.P. with the intention of fighting.  These are young, fit-looking men, and it doesn't matter that the other guy was somewhat bigger and definitely in good shape . . .

It was still THREE guys, attacking ONE, because THEY were pissed off that he'd thrown a burger at them!!!  After they'd been verbally assaulting him, no less.

And it was caught on video, and it's on You Tube.  I watched it, because I wanted to see for myself that these three idiots had actually done this.  They did.

The whole time, they were yelling at him and the "n" word was clearly audible throughout the video.  J.P, who apparently has a background in matial arts, was defending himself against the other three who eventually managed to circle him and knock him down, kicking and punching him.  The fight was broken up by a couple of people in vehicles pulling into the lot, and after that the young men got back in their truck and sped off.

The story is also in our local paper, and the quotations from the three men just prove how ignorant and immature they are.

"It just looks horrible," he said.   "Three-on-one is definitely wrong, we know that.  We usually do the fight one-on-one."  --> clearly, they accept no responsibility for their actions.  Just as clearly, they do this sort of thing often.  We usually, indicates that they often go picking fights.

"I wish they could have seen the starting of the fight and just heard a little more of what he was saying," said the man, referring to the video ... "The guy wanted to fight all three of us, that's what he was saying.  You can see in the video, he's still coming after us when we let him go."
So, never mind that the fight started with racial slurs yelled out of your truck.  You guys jumped out after him ... what did you expect him to do?  Cower and say, "don't hurt me"?  You let him go?  You expected him to just say, "okay, cool, thanks for letting me go" and then walk away without being affected by what had happened?

"We're not white supremacists.  It's kind of been blown out of proportion."  --> Right.  So do you kiss your grandmothers with those mouths?

"The language ... we knew it would make him mad because he made us mad.  It shouldn't have been said." -->  But it was said.  And last I checked, it was that language that caused the thrown hamburger (the incident that made THEM mad) in the first place.

They claim they were just turning out of the McDonald's parking lot and driving by [J.P] when "something may have been said."  The man says he is "not really sure" who hurled the first insult, but the next thing he saw was a cheeseburger flying through the air towards his truck.

"That's when we turned around," he said, and asked [J.P] why the burger had been tossed their way.

Apparently, according to the THREE, this is the point where J.P. challenged them to a fight.  This part, if it is the truth, isn't on the video, so it's THEIR word against HIS for this one.  But clearly, they made the choice to stop and fight.  They were the ones hurling insults designed to offend on the deepest of levels.  "Hey, idiot" wouldn't have made him happy, but it's not nearly in the same league as "we're gonna lynch you, n...".

And the best part?  The THREE are worried about people driving by their houses and "glaring" at them, and are concerned for their safety.

They might have thought of that before hand, yeah?

The RCMP (police) are charging them with assault.


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Jul. 12th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Holy geez. They sound like complete retards who do, yes, go picking fights often and aren't used to it being caught on tape.
Jul. 12th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
That's exactly what it sounds like to me. I think the worst part of it is they don't understand what they did wrong and they're trying to put the blame on the other guy.
Jul. 12th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
That and/or they've never had to face responsibility like this before. Sounds like they want everyone else to have consequences for their actions, but not them themselves, without realizing they instigated trouble to begin with. And no matter what the guy threw at their car? It doesn't excuse assault, much less 3 on 1.
Jul. 12th, 2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
Oh exactly! It's more than the racism aspect that's appalling here. They are just so ignorant!

Then I saw the news last night, where they aired a continuation of a diffent story involving two nineteen year old guys. Except in this case, the two guys were driving behind a van that careened off the road into a lake, and without concern for their own safety, these two young people jumped into the lake and saved a family of four. Same age and younger as the Three-on-One guys, but a whole lot more mature and selfless.
Jul. 13th, 2009 12:39 am (UTC)
Wow. That's... wow. Sometimes I hate people, other times I really love them. That's incredible.
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