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Monster Drabbles (#1-5)

These were written for good__evil , and their October Monster Madness! Each day of the month belongs to a different monster, and authors post their drabbles on the designated day. I've managed one for each day so far. Here are the first five of them, representing Ghost, Treant, Dragon, Mummy, and Troglodyte. The last one I pretty much despise, but it is what it is!  All are exactly 100 words, except for the ghost drabble, which is 200.


Title: Can’t See Me
Monster: Ghost


Nobody understood.

It was the same thing every day. The look of fear or suspicion in their eyes when things weren’t where they left them, or when she took the pictures down to look at, because she loved them.

She loved them all.

But the worst was the times when she almost thought they could see her, because instead of the smiles she longed for, or something, anything to show they knew her – loved her – all she got was more of the same – fear – before they turned away and pretended they hadn’t seen her at all.

She heard them sometimes. Talking. Planning. Wondering what to do about the spirit haunting them. Was it a bad one? What did it want? When were its harmless tricks going to turn deadly?

Years spent fighting evil had left them wary of anything supernatural.
They didn’t know.

They didn’t understand that all she wanted to do was let them know she was alright, that she loved them and missed them, was trying to watch over them as they’d watched over her for years.

But like it was sometimes when she was alive, Dawn knew they didn’t see her.

All they saw was a ghost.


Sleep, Little One
Monster: Treant


He hated it when they ran. Teeny little screaming ones and some that didn’t make any sounds at all. Either way, when they ran, they were fast. Faster than his roots could pull out of the soil and follow.

He hated the climbers, too. Gouging his bark with sharp little blades and tearing his leaves. They wouldn’t do it if they knew. The little ones had forgotten all about him.

He liked the sleepy ones best. Lured in by a cozy hollow and he could just...slide them down and then he’d have them forever.

Yes, he liked the sleeping ones.


Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Monster: Dragon


Mom is going to be so flamed about this! First time she lets me out to fly by myself and what do I do? Ooh, pretty vortex, let’s go check it out! Well that was a smart move, Zasya. Now look what you’ve done! Fallen through a freaking dimensional portal or something and I have no idea where I am!

I wonder if I could go back through and get home that way or maybe someone’ll come out and—hey! Some weird, two-legged thing just jumped into the vortex and now it’s closing!

Crap. Mom is going to kill me!


Monster: Mummy


“There’s no such thing as a mummy’s curse,” Kit insisted, eyeing the elaborately decorated sarcophagus sceptically.

In the background, the tour guide droned on and Dawn arched an eyebrow at her friend. “You’ve lived in Sunnydale how long and you actually believe that?”

“Oh, right,” Kit said, wiggling her fingers and making spooky ghost noises. “Welcome to Sunnydale, Land of the Freaky.”

Yeah...” Dawn realized she was going to have to break Kit of her Sunnydenial, like, soon.

Kit shrugged. “Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Whatever.” Dawn smirked. “Just don’t go kissing any Incan princesses named Ampata.”


Monster: Troglodyte


Out. Get out. Out of here. My home. Mine.

Bokarr smelled them coming. Intruders. Human. In his lair.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Closer. Closer. Closer. Light steps. Heavy steps. Closer...

Bokarr was ready.

There. Looking at him. Human and...other.

“Ew, God, what is that thing? I thought you said nothing but humans came in here!”

“I thought it was, Slayer. Smells like it...a bit ripe, though.”

Sounds. Loud. Kill!

“No way that lizardy thing is human.”

“Well excuse me for—wait, is that a knife?”



“Let’s um, find another cave, okay?”

“Right, love.”

Run away.

Gone. Alone.

Bokarr smiled.


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