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I love cats.  I have always loved cats, and I've always had at least one cat.  I have three Siamese cats named Tao, Jag, and Hemi.

I've always said that one day, I would adopt an adult cat from the SPCA.  I've also always wanted a white cat named Spike.

So, introducing . . .

Spike!  Ideally, he should have had blue eyes . . . but, I figure, since this guy always has his fangs, he can have his yellow eyes, too.


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Mar. 19th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
Yellow eyes and shockingly white hair fur? Sweet :D
Mar. 19th, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
Yep :) Plus, he's super sweet, too. Purrs a lot, but so far isn't very talkative.
Mar. 19th, 2009 11:05 am (UTC)
Very pretty kitty. He looks quite intelligent. Hee! yellow eyes and fangs!
Mar. 19th, 2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
And already strutting around like he owns the place, much to the chagrin of the other three.
Mar. 21st, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Aww kitty!!
( 5 have spoken — take the speaking stick )


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