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Public Service Announcement/Signal Boost

Just in case anyone out there hasn't seen this, there's a thief in our midst, reposting anything and everything fanfic, artwork, you name it, from our journals to his/her/their website, where money is made off the advertisements whenever anyone visits the site.  ladydragon76 has the most up-to-date information in her journal entry here, where you can a) easily search the site for your work, and b) request it be removed.  Use the links she provides, as they bypass the advertisements and allow us to defend our intellectual propery without generating revenue for the thief.

Check out the entry and note in the comments, where the thief, metapodik, continues to make comments in defense of their behaviour, clearly demonstrating that they don't care.  However, they are honouring requests to take work off the site at least.  Make sure, when you request your work be removed, that you tell them not to repost any of your content again.


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