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Abelina's Journal

Fan Fiction & Random Ramblings ... Sometimes with Pictures

25 September
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I am Abby, a registered nurse from Canada. Wife, mother to one child, three cats, and two dogs. I read, write, ski and snowboard, take photographs, hike, road and mountain bike, and really wish I had house elves to do the chores.

I follow a few fandoms and have now written in four of them. I had my start in the Star Wars: Expanded Universe fandom over a decade ago, and while those stories are largely uninteresting and easily forgotten, they are my fan fiction roots. I've written the bulk of my fiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spuffy or Spike/Buffy), and am now writing for Doctor Who (Ten x Rose), and the Walking Dead (Bethyl or Beth/Daryl).

I like friends, but I'm shy so I don't often friend first ... but if you friend me, and we have similar interests, and you're, you know, not a robot or something, I will probably friend you back.